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Monday, 17 October 2016

Quiet weekend

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Not a lot to comment on about this weekend. I was working away on a project and arrived back late Saturday. Sunday was just a chores day and now it's back to the grind.

However, there was a mention from my Mistress and Wife that I should be around on Thursday, because she has a presentation to give out of the office and will be home early that afternoon. My spirits are lifted. 

Some afternoon delight on a wet October afternoon would be nice.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Secrets are everywhere behind closed doors

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 Olga secret hug panties are also great for men it seems.

Some comment :

In spite of the name being somewhat reminiscent of a heavyset Austrian milk maid, Olga panties have sent more than one man who wears lingerie into fits of fan boy passion. Why? Because Olga produces some of the filmiest, floatiest lingerie you will ever see, that’s why. Olga panties feel like a satin cloud wrapped around your bottom and bits.

It is a long time since it became apparent in our marriage that I enjoyed wearing panties and my wife has had no problems with this fancy of mine.. 

Some twenty odd years ago, my wife had wrapped the fabric of her thong pants around my balls one night and pulled the material tight. I told her that I loved that feeling of submission. It wasn't long after that she experimented with making me actually wear a pair of  pair of thong panties, with my erection stood up in front of her, whilst she slapped my behind with a hairbrush.

We were already into her spanking and disciplining me by this time and she didn't bat an eyelid when I later on asked if I could wear knickers to work or when we were out socially.

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I am supposed to wear my knickers only when I am authorised to do so by my wife. I have some daytime panties and a couple of pairs of red punishment panties and I keep them at the back of my underwear drawer, in a box.

Browsing the internet reassures me that I am not the only male with a desire to keep myself shaved, slip on some sexy women's under wear and get a spanking as a result. 

I don't do the bra bit but I do have a range of knickers and a tummy control girdle that she makes me wear when she wants me to look good at a function.

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Buying panties for men on the web has become easier and it was fun to come across this video the other day. This boutique   Homme mystere   offers more than just a sexy thong that so many men's panty stores offer , but  silky full bottom pants and knickers. He and his partner certainly seem relaxed about their little secret and enjoy it.

I bought some new panties and suspenders the other day when my wife was away and fooled around spanking myself . The set remains hidden but maybe it's time to move them to my drawer and get found out.

I have recently added a Video gadget on the left hand column of this blog, to replace the Slideshow that was removed. So for the first video to be listed in this gadget, you can watch a chap indulging in more than just his panty wearing desires. 

Whatever your indulgence  I hope you have fun and if you end up getting caught, well that's something different to talk about over the dinner table.

Image result for men in panties

And if you like girdle wearing girls take a romp now.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

House duties

We  were both home early on Friday afternoon. We planned to eat at the pub, so that meant I could get on with yard clearing stuff before it got dark, which is a lot earlier than it used to be.

My wife was in the office area working on her pc. After we had a coffee break together and I was about to go outside again she told me to carry one of the dining room chairs upstairs to our bedroom, because she wanted to check something out. I had a feeling this might have repercussions for me.

When I got  the chair up her to the room and put it  down, she told me to move the blanket chest to one side away from the end of the bed. I pushed it up against the window.

Now put the chair down with the back facing the bed about two feet from the end.

Image result for dining room chair
I positioned the chair as she wanted.

OK you can go now. I have some thing I want to work on.

As I left the room I saw her opening her wardrobe. I had a pretty good idea what she was retrieving, but I knew better than to hang about.

At bedtime I went upstairs to find our long bolster folded over the back of the chair. (I think it's called a body pillow in the US).  There was no sign of anything else, but it was pretty clear what or who  that bolster was supposed to represent.

She lifted the pillow off the chair and gave me a smile. 

You can take the chair  downstairs now. I don't need it for the moment.

When I got back to the room she was lying face down on the bed with nothing on.

“ #1

She parted  her legs and the invitation was clear. 

Time to show your submissive side, she said. You can kiss my ass and then show me a good time with your tongue, back and front.

It was a nice end to the week I thought as I knelt behind her. We slept well.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Weekend finishes on a low.

I picked up my wife from the station late on Sunday afternoon. She had had a good time with her recently divorced friend.

At home she went off to shower and I followed, carrying her small case. As she took her clothes off she handed me the underwear she was wearing and told me to hand-wash those and the other tights, panties and bra which were in her case and to put her pj's and blouse in the laundry. 

I got on with these simple tasks. I savoured the feel of the silk garments she had worn.


After thirty minutes or so she was downstairs sipping a glass of wine and inspecting the jobs list and checking it off against what she could see.

I tried to distract her by asking how the weekend had gone and she said she would tell me later.

I went back upstairs and laid out the hand washed lingerie on a towel, to dry in the guest room. I noticed the riding crop lying on the top of the blanket chest on the landing. I was sure that I had put it away after using it on myself the day before. I stiffened in my trousers at the sight of it and wondered what might my wife had in mind.

Whilst I served dinner my wife commented on the fact that her bathroom had not been cleaned, despite the fact that it was on the list. I said that I hoped she found all the other jobs were well done but that I had not had time to do everything. She was surprised with my response and told me I was being cheeky. She reminded me that I was still due to caned severely as a punishment and she would give me extra strokes now for my disobedient attitude. 

After dinner she told me to put the riding crop away. Her intention had been to give me good boy whipping that night, but she said I had spoilt things by being uppity about the chores she had set.

I regretted my attitude but there was nothing to be done. I had spoken out and had to suffer the consequences. 

I tried to make up to her in bed but she rebutted my approaches. I got out of bed and went round to her side. Getting down on my knees I apologised profusely and asked her to kiss and make up. She told me to stand up and with her left hand she grabbed my balls through my pants and squeezed hard. 

Remember who you're talking to in future, young man. Now kiss my feet and get back into bed. I will use the new cane to get my message through to you.

I lifted the end of the bed cover and knelt again to kiss and smother her toes and feet with submissive love.

Back on my side of the bed I leaned over to kiss her goodnight. It is not good to go to sleep on a disagreement. 
Sorry my love I whispered. You will be. Now go to sleep and keep your hands off your dick.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chores and badness

TALLULAH1 DRAWING FINAL Interview Fashion Illustrator and Lecturer Naomi Austin: My wife went away for two days over the weekend to visit a  girl friend who has recently separated from her husband. Goodness only knows what they will talk about. 

I quite fancy the friend myself, not that I would ever willingly part from my wife and mistress. My wife left straight from work on Friday and is due home today.

 I was left with a long list of chores which not only included housework but some house repairs. On Saturday  I got up early and after a shower  I dressed in a pair of knickers and added a size 16 suspender belt and large stockings in their white bridal range, all of which I had bought from a superstore that I passed on the road after some work away. I didn't want to get spotted in the local store.  I was given a look at the checkout but I had added some gift wrap and a box of chocolates so as to pass it off as a present.

“ Panties over the garter belt where they belong.
The tightness of the underwear was delicious and after I had looked at myself in the mirror I went to the toy chest and pulled out the paddle with the wide round head and gave myself a dozen stingers on each cheek. That got me sharpened up and then it was into my jeans and a T shirt and on with the chores. During the day I went back to the bedroom three or four times, lowered my trousers and spanked myself hard in front of the mirror.

In the evening I showered again and put on fresh silk panties and some tights and went out for a beer at the local pub. It was enjoyable knowing what the people at the bar did not know and probably would never have guessed. 

Back home I got the long red whip out of the cupboard and stood by the side of the bed watching a Spanking tube video with my cock in my hand. I included orgasm control in my activity and replayed the video  three or for times. I knew better than to come in case my wife checked on me when I got home.

 So now it is early Sunday and I need to start the chores. All the lingerie has been put in the wash and will have to be hidden well for another outing.

I wouldn't mind a proper spanking today for all my naughty behaviour so I might just engineer some unfinished job,

Spanked over stocking covered thighs? Why yes, I would be erect as well. I would also most definitly be making a big mess on her lap.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Web and retribution

So that's it. The slideshow widget on this blog has gone, removed by the Blogging team on the basis that the Flash technology that it ran on is old hat.

I will have to present any photos one by one from now on, until I come up with anything better.

Here is one from another set of photos that I was building for a slideshow.

Back in domesticity, I dented the car the other day, against a low level post in a car park. and it will cost a few hundred pounds to sort it. Unfortunately my wife was with me at the time so I cannot put the blame anywhere else.

This could not have come at a worse time, not just because of the financial aspect, but because my wife has yet to use the discipline cane which I bought and I am pretty sure that this incident will feature in any future award of strokes.

On a lighter note I left our family pc switched  on with some "history"  of having looked at naked female models.

My wife discovered it and asked what I was playing at? I told her it was a mistake and that I was just researching an actress we had seen in a recent TV programme.

I wasn't believed and the bath-brush spanking that I had been craving all that day, was swiftly delivered in a no-nonsense fashion. I had my PJ bottoms taken down and was bent over the bathroom basin. Twenty hard spanks later and I was apologising profusely, but secretly pleased that my ruse had worked. I relished the cunnilingus which followed and all in all it was a great mid-week treat.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Skirting around

On holiday this year, there was a nice distraction on a hot day when we visited a historic castle in Spain.

A gust of late afternoon wind from an onshore breeze caught the short summer dress of a tourist on a fortified castle balustrade. Her underwear and bottom were on view at close quarters and took my mind off arrows and boiling oil.

This afternoon, back in the UK, I was in a local small supermarket watching a young female student struggle with her purchase, her money and her handbag all at the same time. 

As she repeatedly bent over to sort things out she exposed a great deal of small tight bottom from under her very short skirt.

Naughty but nice is the correct expression, I think. 

The question is, do I tell my wife about my delightful experiences?

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Slideshow goes

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Oh dear. The guys at Blogger  are no longer offering the sidebar software that allows me to have a Slideshow of delectable images. From late September it won't be there. Shame. as it took time to set up and I like to ring the changes by having a new slideshow from time to time. I built 10 different slideshows in total. Maybe there will be an alternative but they haven't said. So until they take it down  I will change it every day..

On another topic, this woman is the model star of an airline safety film, shown on board as you buckle your seatbelt. Nice distraction and it would make you watch the video I suppose, if you are a bloke at any rate.

Image result for alana blanchard lingerie

On the other hand if you get caught at home searching for attractive models it isn't so safe, and you might find your own seat on fire.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Permission granted.

loft lifeYou're very quiet.

Sorry I was thinking.

What about.

For a moment I said nothing and then

I was wondering when you might be going to cane me. with that new cane.

Ah yes. The new cane. Are you worried about it?

Well yes, worried and excited I guess.

Are you excited now?


Show me. Stand up.

look innocent

I got to my feet and undid my belt and dropped my trousers. My prick was bulging out my pants.

That looks nice. Come here.

I shuffled over toward her with my trousers around my ankles.

Take your pants down.

 I pulled the elastic waist band  up and over the head of my penis, which jumped into the fresh air, and then slowly rolled the pants down to my thighs.

Turn around.

I shuffled again. My wife leaned forward and placed one cool  hand on my butt and slid the other around the front, taking my erection in a firm grip.

So you would like to know when I'm going to cane you? 

She pulled hard on my prick, rubbing her grip up and down vigorously, Then she slapped my bare bottom with her other hand. Answer me!

Yes ma'am

She spanked me again. And you don't want to know how ?

Well I suppose I do want to know how, but I'm not sure I'll like the answer.

 I pushed my butt back towards her as she wanked me still harder.

You're nervous.Well you should be. 

She let go of me and tapped the side of one bottom cheek.

Turn around. I spun round to face her.

Now wank. She settled back in her chair to watch me,

Over the next thirty seconds she told me in some detail how she was going to cane me and cane me so hard that I would wish I had never asked to be submissive.

Fellatio Love
by Loki Arts
Fresh Paint

I pumped hard in front of her and just when I was about to ask her if I could come,  she pulled my hand away.

Stop right there.

Leaning forward again in the chair, she took my balls in one hand and squeezed tight and then dipped her head to out her mouth over my prick. She licked and I felt an ounce of pre-cum rise out of the tip. 

She opened her mouth wider so that she could speak. Start wanking again.

 I took hold of myself just below her lips and rubbed. She started to slap and spank my balls with an upward flick of the palm and fingers of her hand and I moaned with the pain in my groin and the pleasure of her tongue. She sensed I was coming and lifted  her mouth away. 

Come in your hand, she instructed.  

I pumped myself more vigorously , bending my knees and thrusting my hips to join the motion of my hand. Just as I began to spurt I cupped my left hand and forced my prick downwards with my other hand, so that the cum spurted out onto my palm. I shuddered with the orgasm and squeezed out all the white stuff.

When I was done and standing weak-kneed and drained, she told me to lick my hand and swallow my stuff.

The taste was bitter and then creamy sweet. 

So that's it boy. That's your last orgasm until I thrash you.

I pulled up my pants and then my trousers. 

Thank you Mistress, I managed to utter my appreciation.

You will have to remember to thank me when I'm caning you. Now get me a cup of tea..